Ontraport vs Salesforce

For those who have current issues with their email marketing campaigns and subscribers, it will be best to have an excellent partner in managing your lists with tried and tested software for such function. If you experience difficulty in your email marketing efforts, then it will be perfect to integrate a specialized marketing automation tool in order to make things easier for you.

In fact, Ontraport is a front-runner in terms of massive email marketing needs of online businesses as well as advanced contact management and marketing tracking. Hence, there are actually lots of reasons why choose this online tool. Here are some of the advantages in using Ontraport:

  • Better contact management and efficient subscriber list building
  • Easy setup of programmed mass emails
  • Quick tracking and improving of marketing campaigns

With Ontraport, you can significantly setup multiple contact lists while scheduling their release to mass receivers including automate tracking and reports. Through the help of detailed tracking, users can easily see how it works and determine its effectiveness in their marketing campaigns. Results and feedbacks can be used in improving online marketing strategies.

Medium and large business may consider the use of Ontraport in order to help them in improving their marketing strategies while attracting more customers with improved customer retention. Also, this marketing automation tool offers more options if you want to set up your marketing campaigns with efficient tracking method to watch your progress. With reasonable pricing, you can save money when you choose to use Ontraport.

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How About Salesforce?

Well, Salesforce provides comprehensive automation features that you exactly need in growing your business in no time. You can boost your email marketing campaigns with the help of this platform while increasing your marketability. This also aims to combine affordable business solutions with enterprise-level marketing automation. Hence, the main function of this is to provide users with convenient resources to ideally automate their sales process.

Salesforce is designed to boost sales tracking, promotions, forecasts, email marketing as well as other online marketing techniques. It works with any business size with four various price options to suit your budget. This tool is actually very simple to operate with excellent user interface and in-depth training when it comes to using tools and setting up features. Plan start at $25 per month.

Wrapping Up

Both are perfect in speeding up sales process while simplifying the way business owners track their orders and handle reports. With wide range of marketing features, Ontraport and Salesforce can perfectly streamline sales departments no matter where it is in the world. However, in terms of pricing, you can save more when you use Ontraport since it has cheaper rate than Salesforce.

All in all, these two marketing automation programs will be both helpful to your business. All you have to know is which one is the most suitable platform that will match your business needs and expectations while giving you great results. You can try Ontraport to understand how convenient it is to use. Sign up for free demo account here.