Ontraport vs Infusionsoft

When it comes to choosing an ultimate platform that will help you in automating your online business, you would want to pay attention on the advantageous features that it can give you. Apparently, it is best to compare tools that offer marketing automation solutions in order to arrive at the best option you can efficiently use in your business needs and processes.

Likewise, both Ontraport and Infusionsoft aim to provide users with the best business solutions in order for them to succeed and continuously grow. However, they are divided in terms of the approaches they offer to business owners. Infusionsoft has significantly raised more than $109million while Ontraport is still on the rise. Hence, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of these tools.

Let’s Compare!

With certain VC approach, your business can rapidly grow but be aware that fast growth is not always the same as quality. Infusionsoft has almost 600 employees up to date with high sales. However, it has slowed its new releases and innovations. In contrast, Ontraport has nearly 107 employees only and needs to be more watchful when it comes to growth because they support it financially using their revenue.

The problem with this particular approach is the risk for more bugs within their user interface and software. And since Ontraport don’t yet have enough manpower to produce more innovative products, they current tools are less elegant compared to Infusionsoft. Although both tools actually have bugs, users still need to be keen when choosing the best option for their business needs.


  • Infusionsoft in fact has powerful and compelling CRM component. It’s fully integrated with essential components in order to allow users in adding new company, contact, or referral partner while tracking visitors to create new opportunities and automate follow-up stages to potential customers. It also helps in generating invoices and quotes with many other features you would want to explore.
  • Ontraport has no CRM to offer.

Shopping Cart

  • Infusionsoft offers storefront which may be configured to single storefront. Hence, users will need to purchase separate installations for $299-$379 per month. Also, it doesn’t offer Amazon-type shopping cart which only means that it is designed for small online business.
  • Ontraport provides shopping cart for online-only businesses with standalone products sold via subscription or one-time sale.

When it comes to support, Ontraport provides solid customer care with impressive phone availability. However, since Infusionsoft is a big company, they will be expanding their support in order to help more customers with their concerns.

It’s actually a common factor if you aim to automate sales as well as marketing aspects of the business. This is why Infusionsoft released new features to conveniently stabilize their platforms prior to rolling out such features in the market. The CEOs of both platforms actually have things in common such as age and commercial drive.

Still, Infusionsoft is a big corporation and Ontraport is still managing to grow into a much bigger company. Bottom line is, both are good but you need to know which will particularly help you in managing your online business in a more convenient way.

You can get a free Ontraport demo account here and try it for yourself.