Ontraport vs Hubspot

Side by side with each other, you’re probably wondering which is better between Ontraport and Hubspot. As business owners, comparing different platforms must have already been a habit to you. This is especially true when it comes to online business since there are a number of options available for you when it comes to that.

When it comes to marketing, particularly email marketing, Ontraport and Hubspot always discussed together. Both are aimed at supporting entrepreneurs in delivering service dedicated to removing the burden of technology to businesses and helping automate them.  But what differences does these two have and exactly what makes them better than the other?

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HubSpot is known as an all-in-one marketing software platform ideal for both small and medium-sized businesses. The applications in their software includes a number of services such as search engine optimization, blogging, landing pages, web management, social media monitoring and more.

As you can see, HubSpot is focused on the SMB segment or more precisely the medium sized business segment in the industry. This is how HubSpot like to be positioned officially. On the other hand, Ontraport is more onto the small part of the industry, more specifically “micro” business.

When it comes to expertise, HubSpot is more onto inbound marketing, the type of marketing where as the focus is on the spread of unique, informative and engaging content with the aim of driving interested prospects back to the sales channel. Ontraport is more on offering simple and easy ways you can integrate WordPress pages in promoting your service or product.

They are actually quite similar when it comes to targeted workflows and segments basing on important details including contact information and buying habits. However, compared to Ontraport, HubSpot only has basic CRM features.

Truth is, if you will look carefully HubSpot and Ontraport are two platforms with different market and services offered. In sense, these two are more of complementary to each other that if both used side by side, they can be the best tools you can use for your business’s marketing endeavours.

HubSpot is by far a real great tool for managing contact lists, building your lead database and significantly improve your marketing strategies. It can ultimately solve almost all of your automation needs. Following that, Ontraport is an email list service that can help manage your email marketing campaign as well as subscriber lists. It is a professional automation program for email marketing that is actually an ideal partner for HubSpot.

Ontraport, as an email marketing automation program is able to provide essential benefits including better management of subscriber lists and contacts, ability to create a timetable for mass emails and effective tracking of your marketing campaigns.

Any business is sure to benefit with all the features that both HubSpot and Ontraport has to offer. They are both amazing platforms able to solve business’ automation needs. Some might opt for the other, but they are actually much better working together for maximum advantage for your business in all aspect of your marketing campaign.

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