Ontraport vs Aweber

In the world of online business, there probably isn’t any topic that causes many discussions, blurt out of opinions and confusions than the talk about different platforms. There is the talk about which cart is better to use, which plug-ins work better, and of course, there is also which email service to use.

The email service is especially one of those that sometimes cause some serious debate. With so many services available on the Web, it really is very easy to focus so much on the software that we paralyzed on which decision we should make.

That being the case, two of the promising email services we’ll be talking about is the Aweber and Ontraport. The Aweber is particularly well-known for being good at exactly what they do. They are the best at what they do, but unfortunately there is one chink out of all the good points Aweber has.

This chink on Aweber’s email platform service is unfortunately their new email editor. Aweber’s features would have all been the best if not for their email editor. Well, not to say that it’s all horrible for in fact, you can get used to it. That is, if you haven’t known anything better.

When it comes to business, there really comes to a point where you want an email service that offers you more than any normal email list service can provide. You want the specs that can offer you with easy tracking of your customer list, one that can offer you with valuable, custom service but that allows you to put exactly the right message to the right person at the right time.

This is the time when you want CRM (customer relationship management) for your business. However, Aweber is not the perfect email list service that is CRM. Aweber is mainly just names and lists with custom fields, some finer features, but at the same time not too useful.

On the other hand, there is the Ontraport which is also a very promising email list service. Ontraport is an Office Autopilot. Switching to Office Autopilot is not easy which is why not all businesses use them freely and at hand. But there will be a time when you’ll know when they are necessary.

Of all the features that Ontraport offers, a few of them that really causes business switching in no time is their full-blown database, the powerful automated actions that are almost infinite in number and the fact  that they can track everything.

Ontrport’s customer database is amazingly huge that everything you need is in there. Moreover, with the almost infinite number of action you can do with Ontraport, your business imagination is definitely going wild with all the possibilities. What’s more, it has good combination of powerful tracking features that it can effectively track everything related to your client and business.

Aweber is a great email list service, especially if you are just starting up and when you have only one product to promote. But if your business is already at the point where you need CRM, Ontraport is definitely the one you need. Get a free demo account here.