Ontraport vs Active Campaign

Regardless of how big or small the company is, customers serve as the lifeblood of all businesses worldwide. Hence, you will need an effective and convenient tool to help you successfully manage your business while establishing relationships with your customers. Increasingly, more businesses are recognizing the importance of marketing automation tools in their marketing strategies.

So, we would like you to have a comprehensive review between Ontraport and Active Campaign in order to help you efficiently manage your online business. In fact, marketing automation will support your needs in lead captures; email marketing, CRM as well as in general e-commerce. Hence, read on to discover which is better to use in your online marketing techniques.

Active Campaign

This is actually located in Chicago which was established in 2003. Up to date, the team in comprised of 16 members that are committed to help small online business across the globe. Currently, it has more than 100,000 users with mostly small to medium sized companies. Active Campaign is designed in order to provide automation and CRM sales, email marketing, and marketing automation. Most of the users are particularly taking advantage of its email marketing feature including templates, mobile support, and even newsletters.


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In 2006, Ontraport was established in California with Landon Ray as the founder. He was an experienced entrepreneur with goals of helping other businesses grow. Due to his own business problems, he created this tool in order to help him in resolving issues in his own company. Hence, Ontraport is currently supporting the needs of small to medium businesses in terms of marketing automation program.

It efficiently delivers multimedia and multi-step marketing sequences that users take advantage of. When you choose to use Ontraport, you can effectively communicate with your customers and prospects while giving them the best user experience on the web. Also, you will benefit from CRM, email marketing, sales service as well as marketing automation whenever you want to ensure customer satisfaction when visiting you site.

One on One Comparison

When it comes to CRM, Ontraport provides customizable display while you collect custom information that you exactly need. On the other hand, Active Campaign offers ultimate lead management and tracking functionality to help you provide excellent customer service that people deserve. This platform also has more features than Ontraport like location and time zone automatic detection.

In terms of mobile support, Ontraport provides mobile support to Android and iPhone devices with easy access to contact list and record. It’s also integrated with popular services such as UltraCart, Twitter, and Facebook. Active Campaign offers more unique features like the Zapier Account which is actually included in the platform for free. It allows users in integrating various SAAS products in a more convenient manner.

Bottom line is, it would be more economic to choose Ontraport over Active Campaign since it is cheaper. However, the choice will still come from you. The only tip you can get is to always consider suitability with your online business needs and standards. So, try these platforms now and see how it can help your business grow!

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