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Ontraport vs Aweber

In the world of online business, there probably isn’t any topic that causes many discussions, blurt out of opinions and confusions than the talk about different platforms. There is the talk about which cart is better to use, which plug-ins work better, and of course, there is also which email service to use.

The email service is especially one of those that sometimes cause some serious debate. With so many services available on the Web, it really is very easy to focus so much on the software that we paralyzed on which decision we should make.

That being the case, two of the promising email services we’ll be talking about is the Aweber and Ontraport. The Aweber is particularly well-known for being good at exactly what they do. They are the best at what they do, but unfortunately there is one chink out of all the good points Aweber has.

This chink on Aweber’s email platform service is unfortunately their new email editor. Aweber’s features would have all been the best if not for their email editor. Well, not to say that it’s all horrible for in fact, you can get used to it. That is, if you haven’t known anything better.

When it comes to business, there really comes to a point where you want an email service that offers you more than any normal email list service can provide. You want the specs that can offer you with easy tracking of your customer list, one that can offer you with valuable, custom service but that allows you to put exactly the right message to the right person at the right time.

This is the time when you want CRM (customer relationship management) for your business. However, Aweber is not the perfect email list service that is CRM. Aweber is mainly just names and lists with custom fields, some finer features, but at the same time not too useful.

On the other hand, there is the Ontraport which is also a very promising email list service. Ontraport is an Office Autopilot. Switching to Office Autopilot is not easy which is why not all businesses use them freely and at hand. But there will be a time when you’ll know when they are necessary.

Of all the features that Ontraport offers, a few of them that really causes business switching in no time is their full-blown database, the powerful automated actions that are almost infinite in number and the fact  that they can track everything.

Ontrport’s customer database is amazingly huge that everything you need is in there. Moreover, with the almost infinite number of action you can do with Ontraport, your business imagination is definitely going wild with all the possibilities. What’s more, it has good combination of powerful tracking features that it can effectively track everything related to your client and business.

Aweber is a great email list service, especially if you are just starting up and when you have only one product to promote. But if your business is already at the point where you need CRM, Ontraport is definitely the one you need. Get a free demo account here.

Ontraport vs Infusionsoft

When it comes to choosing an ultimate platform that will help you in automating your online business, you would want to pay attention on the advantageous features that it can give you. Apparently, it is best to compare tools that offer marketing automation solutions in order to arrive at the best option you can efficiently use in your business needs and processes.

Likewise, both Ontraport and Infusionsoft aim to provide users with the best business solutions in order for them to succeed and continuously grow. However, they are divided in terms of the approaches they offer to business owners. Infusionsoft has significantly raised more than $109million while Ontraport is still on the rise. Hence, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of these tools.

Let’s Compare!

With certain VC approach, your business can rapidly grow but be aware that fast growth is not always the same as quality. Infusionsoft has almost 600 employees up to date with high sales. However, it has slowed its new releases and innovations. In contrast, Ontraport has nearly 107 employees only and needs to be more watchful when it comes to growth because they support it financially using their revenue.

The problem with this particular approach is the risk for more bugs within their user interface and software. And since Ontraport don’t yet have enough manpower to produce more innovative products, they current tools are less elegant compared to Infusionsoft. Although both tools actually have bugs, users still need to be keen when choosing the best option for their business needs.


  • Infusionsoft in fact has powerful and compelling CRM component. It’s fully integrated with essential components in order to allow users in adding new company, contact, or referral partner while tracking visitors to create new opportunities and automate follow-up stages to potential customers. It also helps in generating invoices and quotes with many other features you would want to explore.
  • Ontraport has no CRM to offer.

Shopping Cart

  • Infusionsoft offers storefront which may be configured to single storefront. Hence, users will need to purchase separate installations for $299-$379 per month. Also, it doesn’t offer Amazon-type shopping cart which only means that it is designed for small online business.
  • Ontraport provides shopping cart for online-only businesses with standalone products sold via subscription or one-time sale.

When it comes to support, Ontraport provides solid customer care with impressive phone availability. However, since Infusionsoft is a big company, they will be expanding their support in order to help more customers with their concerns.

It’s actually a common factor if you aim to automate sales as well as marketing aspects of the business. This is why Infusionsoft released new features to conveniently stabilize their platforms prior to rolling out such features in the market. The CEOs of both platforms actually have things in common such as age and commercial drive.

Still, Infusionsoft is a big corporation and Ontraport is still managing to grow into a much bigger company. Bottom line is, both are good but you need to know which will particularly help you in managing your online business in a more convenient way.

You can get a free Ontraport demo account here and try it for yourself.

Ontraport vs Salesforce

For those who have current issues with their email marketing campaigns and subscribers, it will be best to have an excellent partner in managing your lists with tried and tested software for such function. If you experience difficulty in your email marketing efforts, then it will be perfect to integrate a specialized marketing automation tool in order to make things easier for you.

In fact, Ontraport is a front-runner in terms of massive email marketing needs of online businesses as well as advanced contact management and marketing tracking. Hence, there are actually lots of reasons why choose this online tool. Here are some of the advantages in using Ontraport:

  • Better contact management and efficient subscriber list building
  • Easy setup of programmed mass emails
  • Quick tracking and improving of marketing campaigns

With Ontraport, you can significantly setup multiple contact lists while scheduling their release to mass receivers including automate tracking and reports. Through the help of detailed tracking, users can easily see how it works and determine its effectiveness in their marketing campaigns. Results and feedbacks can be used in improving online marketing strategies.

Medium and large business may consider the use of Ontraport in order to help them in improving their marketing strategies while attracting more customers with improved customer retention. Also, this marketing automation tool offers more options if you want to set up your marketing campaigns with efficient tracking method to watch your progress. With reasonable pricing, you can save money when you choose to use Ontraport.

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How About Salesforce?

Well, Salesforce provides comprehensive automation features that you exactly need in growing your business in no time. You can boost your email marketing campaigns with the help of this platform while increasing your marketability. This also aims to combine affordable business solutions with enterprise-level marketing automation. Hence, the main function of this is to provide users with convenient resources to ideally automate their sales process.

Salesforce is designed to boost sales tracking, promotions, forecasts, email marketing as well as other online marketing techniques. It works with any business size with four various price options to suit your budget. This tool is actually very simple to operate with excellent user interface and in-depth training when it comes to using tools and setting up features. Plan start at $25 per month.

Wrapping Up

Both are perfect in speeding up sales process while simplifying the way business owners track their orders and handle reports. With wide range of marketing features, Ontraport and Salesforce can perfectly streamline sales departments no matter where it is in the world. However, in terms of pricing, you can save more when you use Ontraport since it has cheaper rate than Salesforce.

All in all, these two marketing automation programs will be both helpful to your business. All you have to know is which one is the most suitable platform that will match your business needs and expectations while giving you great results. You can try Ontraport to understand how convenient it is to use. Sign up for free demo account here.

Ontraport vs Hubspot

Side by side with each other, you’re probably wondering which is better between Ontraport and Hubspot. As business owners, comparing different platforms must have already been a habit to you. This is especially true when it comes to online business since there are a number of options available for you when it comes to that.

When it comes to marketing, particularly email marketing, Ontraport and Hubspot always discussed together. Both are aimed at supporting entrepreneurs in delivering service dedicated to removing the burden of technology to businesses and helping automate them.  But what differences does these two have and exactly what makes them better than the other?

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HubSpot is known as an all-in-one marketing software platform ideal for both small and medium-sized businesses. The applications in their software includes a number of services such as search engine optimization, blogging, landing pages, web management, social media monitoring and more.

As you can see, HubSpot is focused on the SMB segment or more precisely the medium sized business segment in the industry. This is how HubSpot like to be positioned officially. On the other hand, Ontraport is more onto the small part of the industry, more specifically “micro” business.

When it comes to expertise, HubSpot is more onto inbound marketing, the type of marketing where as the focus is on the spread of unique, informative and engaging content with the aim of driving interested prospects back to the sales channel. Ontraport is more on offering simple and easy ways you can integrate WordPress pages in promoting your service or product.

They are actually quite similar when it comes to targeted workflows and segments basing on important details including contact information and buying habits. However, compared to Ontraport, HubSpot only has basic CRM features.

Truth is, if you will look carefully HubSpot and Ontraport are two platforms with different market and services offered. In sense, these two are more of complementary to each other that if both used side by side, they can be the best tools you can use for your business’s marketing endeavours.

HubSpot is by far a real great tool for managing contact lists, building your lead database and significantly improve your marketing strategies. It can ultimately solve almost all of your automation needs. Following that, Ontraport is an email list service that can help manage your email marketing campaign as well as subscriber lists. It is a professional automation program for email marketing that is actually an ideal partner for HubSpot.

Ontraport, as an email marketing automation program is able to provide essential benefits including better management of subscriber lists and contacts, ability to create a timetable for mass emails and effective tracking of your marketing campaigns.

Any business is sure to benefit with all the features that both HubSpot and Ontraport has to offer. They are both amazing platforms able to solve business’ automation needs. Some might opt for the other, but they are actually much better working together for maximum advantage for your business in all aspect of your marketing campaign.

Request an Ontraport free demo now and check it out for yourself.

Ontraport vs Active Campaign

Regardless of how big or small the company is, customers serve as the lifeblood of all businesses worldwide. Hence, you will need an effective and convenient tool to help you successfully manage your business while establishing relationships with your customers. Increasingly, more businesses are recognizing the importance of marketing automation tools in their marketing strategies.

So, we would like you to have a comprehensive review between Ontraport and Active Campaign in order to help you efficiently manage your online business. In fact, marketing automation will support your needs in lead captures; email marketing, CRM as well as in general e-commerce. Hence, read on to discover which is better to use in your online marketing techniques.

Active Campaign

This is actually located in Chicago which was established in 2003. Up to date, the team in comprised of 16 members that are committed to help small online business across the globe. Currently, it has more than 100,000 users with mostly small to medium sized companies. Active Campaign is designed in order to provide automation and CRM sales, email marketing, and marketing automation. Most of the users are particularly taking advantage of its email marketing feature including templates, mobile support, and even newsletters.


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In 2006, Ontraport was established in California with Landon Ray as the founder. He was an experienced entrepreneur with goals of helping other businesses grow. Due to his own business problems, he created this tool in order to help him in resolving issues in his own company. Hence, Ontraport is currently supporting the needs of small to medium businesses in terms of marketing automation program.

It efficiently delivers multimedia and multi-step marketing sequences that users take advantage of. When you choose to use Ontraport, you can effectively communicate with your customers and prospects while giving them the best user experience on the web. Also, you will benefit from CRM, email marketing, sales service as well as marketing automation whenever you want to ensure customer satisfaction when visiting you site.

One on One Comparison

When it comes to CRM, Ontraport provides customizable display while you collect custom information that you exactly need. On the other hand, Active Campaign offers ultimate lead management and tracking functionality to help you provide excellent customer service that people deserve. This platform also has more features than Ontraport like location and time zone automatic detection.

In terms of mobile support, Ontraport provides mobile support to Android and iPhone devices with easy access to contact list and record. It’s also integrated with popular services such as UltraCart, Twitter, and Facebook. Active Campaign offers more unique features like the Zapier Account which is actually included in the platform for free. It allows users in integrating various SAAS products in a more convenient manner.

Bottom line is, it would be more economic to choose Ontraport over Active Campaign since it is cheaper. However, the choice will still come from you. The only tip you can get is to always consider suitability with your online business needs and standards. So, try these platforms now and see how it can help your business grow!

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Ontraport vs Mailchimp

Among of the popular business today is online marketing. With the speed of the innovation of technology today, almost all people of all generations make use of the technology in their day to day activity. It has been a powerful tool for business and communication.

Before engaging to an online business, the most important factor that you must consider is to decide for what particular business you like to have and you may excel better since competition on online business marketing arises. Online marketing requires constant connection with your guests, clients, and followers. If you cannot keep in touch with them, there will be lesser chances for your business to grow.

Technology plays a big role in online business, the use of mailchimp and ontraport had been subject to arguments of online marketers. Knowing the essential benefits of it will help you decide what will be the best for your business.

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MailChimp and its Benefits

This will let you track and monitor your results. You will be able to get your campaigns stats as well as your subscribers. This is best for beginners because it can be easily set up and very simple. If you are in doubt on how to manage and use it, they provide tutorials for beginners.

Whatever you need for your new website can be easily set up by using Mailchimp. If you quite hesitant to develop your website, you can also hire an expert developer to do the task for you. You can have all your email transactions here. As of now, there are several websites that make use of Mailchimp for optimizing their online business.

What you can do with Mailchimp?

  1. Create

You can start to have your own email beamer, email templates and email designer. This will also allow you to merge tags and have a multi- user profile or account.

  1. Deliver

You can send and deliver emails, geolocation, automation, and a lot more.

  1. Share

You can share to your followers and subscribers your campaigns about your product. They can also view your social profile.

  1. Manage

By mailchimp, you can customize forms, subscribers profile, group and segmentation.

Ontraport and its Benefits

Online marketers who need to manage their increasing list of subscribers and followers can make use of Ontraport. This is formerly known as the Office Autopilot. This is expensive compared to Mailchimp. It will allow users to fully control the emails that they send and receive. The best thing about this is that if you have your Mailchimp, you can easily upgrade it to Ontraport. It is far more beneficial than Mailchimp when it comes to data management. Though it is a bit complicates to manage than Mailchimp, with proper practice and training, you will be able to see it as a perfect tool for your online business. This will also allow you to monitor your past and recent activities. It will keep a list of purchase history your client had.

There is really no competition with Mailchimp vs Ontraport. Users will just have to weigh both its benefits and to which one will help them in their concerns. Whatever they prefer to choose, the fact remains that both can greatly help them.

You can try Ontraport by requesting a free demo here.