Ontraport Review: Is It The Ultimate Marketing Automation Tool?

Ontraport is actually popular to Mindvalley where in the COO has significantly spent 6 long months just to compare open rates, delivery rates as well as the overall performance of this site from other major competitors. Hence, the results declared that Ontraport is gladly on top among these competitors. In fact, based on a thorough evaluation, Ontraport was compared to Eloqua, Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, and Infusionsoft and out of these five, Ontraport generated a 5/5 score on the reviews.

However, it is apparent that software products are not all flawless just like Ontraport. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of things that the competitors can do more and better. But when you look at it closely, this software is recognized as an excellent marketing automation solution that is easily available with fast-growing advantages to various online businesses across the globe.

So, let us not focus on what other software brands can do but let’s explore the positive and negative features of Ontraport in order to help you determine if this is an absolute solution for you business.


  • Ultimate affordability -when it comes to ultimate affordability, this is the best choice for you. In fact, pricing is the best reason why people use this brand. With Pro plan that surprisingly starts at $297 only per month without any additional fees, Ontraport will definitely help in growing your online business in no time. Others charge for as high as $1,999 startup fee, Ontraport is the most cost efficient solution that you exactly need.
  • Perfect for business with massive mailing lists – if you own a company that frequently manages great mailing lists every single day, Ontraport is the most affordable option for you. It will allow you to garner more email credits and contacts for a minimum fee of $297 monthly.
  • Lesser price creep yet higher scalability – unlike other competitors, Ontraport will allow you to take advantage of cost efficient marketing automation tool that will keep your monthly obligation at bay so that you can prevent elevating costs every month. With this, you acquire less additional fee for obtaining extra contacts, users and even email credits compared to competitors’ fees.
  • You only pay for what you basically need – rather than paying for an upgrade, you only have to pay additional $99 per month to acquire 100,000 additional email credits.
  • More quality features – you will enjoy using shopping cart, CRM, landing page, affiliate management, micro-site creator, WordPress membership, auto responders, task automation, and webinar and online event creator for a minimum fee every month.
  • Full access – with Ontraport, you can access all the features provided regardless if you’re on team or pro plan.
  • Multi-channel marketing – this will allow you to efficiently automate sequences through various marketing platforms. Also, you can communicate with prospects with the help of 2-way text messaging tool and even post your message on postcards available on this software.
  • Excellent delivery rates – when it comes to email delivery, Ontraport is a reliable tool you can use for your marketing efforts. It actually has its own IP address in terms of sending emails which is great in sender reputations that will enable users in avoiding spam box while getting excellent email delivery time.
  • Track and report – Ontraport will allow you to track everything through UTM variables which actually makes it simpler to understand your customer lifetime value, CPA as well as best content campaigns and lead sources in order for you to generate higher ROI.
  • Highly reliable customer care – with positive reviews online, you can attest to the functionality and reliability of this software when it comes to successful marketing efforts. The support team provides technical knowledge and skills in helping customers take advantage of Ontraport in the best way possible.


  • Plain dashboard – while Ontraport is a highly customizable tool, the dashboard will somewhat put you off since it is not visually intuitive especially for tech savvy people. Hence, the dashboard provides boxes where in you can see the essential metrics that you can use.
  • Familiarization can take months – in terms of learning curve, it will take first-time users weeks or months of fully understanding how this thing works. However, this is a common case when it comes to marketing automation software available in the market today.
  • Less intuitive sequence creation – when compared to competitors’ products, Ontraport offers less intuitive sequence creation tool. In fact, if you think that this tool has powerful sequence creator, there are more powerful tools you can find online.
  • It doesn’t have online community – this is indeed surprising to know since this is a complex and powerful tool. However, users will never enjoy a convenient online community that other tools provide. Hence, it will be hard for you to share case studies, strategies, and even tips with your colleagues.

Bottom Line

Before you decide to use Ontraport, it is best to consider first if this is indeed the best marketing automation tool for your online business. If you are selling informative products, running membership website, or providing online education and training services, Ontraport can help you make things much simpler.

This is relatively more affordable than any other marketing tool available online and provides more amazing features you can enjoy when running your online business in no time. However, bear in mind that Ontraport offers no free trial although they provide free demo which you can register in. With 90-day money-back guarantee, you don’t have to worry about cancellation or setup fees while taking advantage of an ultimate marketing automation tool.

Lastly, if you really want to level up your digital strategies in terms of marketing promotions, you will need to cost effectively use software that will boost your customer base as well as profitability. In that case, Ontraport would be an excellent choice that will efficiently meet your business needs and expectations. Try it and see the difference it can give you. Request a free demo here or register for their free webinar.